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Sometimes you wonder why people do stupid things. Well consider a community a place where you can

ask these people why they behave so foolishly. Sometimes people will mix your clean laundry with

someone elses laundry and steal half of your clothes or sometimes people will start a war for no apparent

reason. Some people like myself feel compelled to start up a forum, a community or just a mode or

communication so that a link can be established between these people and their idiotic behaviors. When

something doesn’t makes no sense like started a war for no reason does, then people wanna know why

and if the reason you gave wasn’t good enough they speculate or better yet, they go out and try to look for

the truth themselves.With a new truth comes an alternate story and a conscious decision of which story to

believe. My community is a community on the web that is focused on discussing America, and all the

wars it has sworn to fight. This community was setup to provide a place where people from all over the

world can come together and discuss Americas involvement in the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, the war against

terrorism and potential war between North Korea. However, its not only a discussion that is going on her, it

is totally different game story altogether which leads me to asking this question, What are the missing

links that exist between these stories? Journalism has been known to be a pretty ambiguous business but

throughout the war in Iraq and its aftermath, the truths that has been proposed about the real agenda behind

attacking Iraq cannot be ignored. Now its not a matter of who is lying and who is telling the truth, it’s a

matter of how purified can we get the stories to find the percentage of truth in each story. What this

community tries to do is communicate its truth as pure as possible using unbiased channels of information

which brings us back to the link between different stories in a situation like this. Al-Jazeera. A prominent

news station of Abu Dhabi, Al- Jazeera has remained an independent and unbiased voice in the Arab world

bringing news to the Middle East concerning all sorts of political, diplomatic and confrontational issues

going on in the Middle East. Al-Jazeera shows scenes CNN and ABC wont show and it tell the people what

is really going on with no sugar coating, so to speak. This is the basis for my analysis with this electronic

community. How this source of information, feeding people around the world with an “uncoated” version of

the news in the middle east, can cause people to start to question ulterior motives, hidden agendas and

deception.People wanna know the truth about why Iraq was attacked the way it was, why America thinks it

has control over the rest of the world and thinks it can do whatever it wants.

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